Intermodal is no longer the freight option of the future—it is now! Converting your long haul, over-the-road transportation lanes to the rail makes good business sense because it improves your bottom line and your on-time performance.


Cost effective. Efficient.
Environmentally friendly.

As part of NFI, we benefit from a unique partnership with the North American rail lines. By leveraging the rail lines’ double stacking capabilities, you can transport goods efficiently and cost-effectively.

Intermodal combines long-haul rail movement
of shipping containers with truck transport
at one or both ends.

It’s a fast-growing alternative to relying on highways for moving freight.

Rail is consistently more reliable than an over-the-road truck. So you can reduce and maintain your per-mile rate, even during peak seasons.

  • Move anything that can be shipped by truck—from frozen food to furniture.
  • Enjoy competitive pricing, even through peak seasons.
  • Save on fuel costs and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Avoid capacity issues due to driver shortages.
  • Lowers congestion on our nation’s highways.

Rail combines the best features of various transportation modes into one efficient method, providing sustainable capacity for your shipping needs and saving you money, year round.

Temperature-sensitive products delivered in perfect condition. Every time.

Backed by our innovation and logistics expertise, our customers are increasing revenue and entering new markets with temperature-controlled intermodal shipping. Our extensive and positive carrier relationships give you all the options you need to safely and efficiently transport your temperature-sensitive freight.

  • Frozen products, including ice cream
  • Fresh produce and meat
  • Beverages
  • Candy

Our creative, experienced team will analyze your needs and recommend the shipping solution that meets your objectives and saves you money. We have ample capacity for your products, and offer on-time delivery and peace of mind!

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