A lot of discussion lately has been centered around our economy’s increased freight demand which has led to higher shipping rates and robust shipping demand.  At SCR we work to create personalized logistics plans that best fit our client, but today we want to focus solely on the benefits of using Intermodal transportation.

Intermodal transportation is the combination of long-haul rail movement of shipping containers with truck transport at one or both ends.   It is a fast-growing alternative to relying on highways for moving freight.

Converting your long haul, over-the-road transportation lanes to the rail makes good business sense because it improves your bottom line and your on-time performance.  Below are additional benefits customers see when using intermodal transportation.

  • Go Green! Rail transportation is more energy efficient
  • New government policies restrict hours of service on the road
  • Driver Shortage and increased demand have made trucks more expensive and harder to find
  • Safer
  • More cost effective
  • More efficient
  • Access standardized transit schedules and equipment

Would you like to work with one of our transportation specialists to create a personalized logistics plan that meets you and your company’s needs?  Contact us today!