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Cargo Theft Tips and Facts: Don’t Be A Target this Holiday Season

Posted: 16 Nov, 2018 by Jonathan Robb The holiday season is a busy time for shippers and carriers due to higher consumer demand of food/beverage, electronics and e-commerce products.  Additional opportunities paired with limited shipping and receiving hours creates a surplus of loads being parked and stored while awaiting delivery.   Make sure you’re aware of [...]

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Drive Safe Act

  The driver shortage in our industry has impacted capacity and trucking costs, but a new bill introduced to Congress hopes to help combat the driver deficit.  The Developing Responsible Individuals for a Vibrant Economy (DRIVE-Safe) Act was recently created to enhance safety training and job opportunities for young drivers.  Currently, federal law does not allow [...]

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Benefits of Using Intermodal Transportation

A lot of discussion lately has been centered around our economy's increased freight demand which has led to higher shipping rates and robust shipping demand.  At SCR we work to create personalized logistics plans that best fit our client, but today we want to focus solely on the benefits of using Intermodal transportation. Intermodal transportation [...]

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Truck Driver Shortage Fueled by Retiring Drivers

It’s no surprise the US has a truck driver shortage.  But what is surprising is the amount of truck drivers at retirement age, which means even more openings to fill in an already short market.   According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the industry will need nearly 900,000 new drivers over the coming decade.  Read [...]

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Is the Economy Slowing?

July saw minor decreases in manufacturing and service work.  Does this mean the economy is slowing down or just had a slower month?  Read more about what small shake-ups July brought and what, if anything, it means for the freight industry.      

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Supply Chain Digital

  One of our partners, rm2, was recently featured in Supply Chain Digital and recognized our efforts in helping them be successful. "With the support of logistics partners such as SCR Air, who is constantly striving to provide the best in class service while delivering the best possible cost, RM2 is able to deliver a [...]

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Increased Driver Pay

The driver shortage continues, but the industry has seen efforts to retain and recruit drivers.  Finally, driver pay this year shows a staggering increase compared to the same time in 2017.  Companies are also offering wider incentives and sign-on bonuses in order to employee drivers, but is that enough?  Read more about the new trend [...]

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Shortage of Drivers Brings Unprecedented Increase in Costs

For those of us in the logistics industry, we’ve long heard about the looming driver shortage and its impact on capacity and trucking costs.  Now, even those outside of the industry will start feeling its impact at the cash register.  Long hours, time away from home, low pay and government regulations on drivers and carriers [...]

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Electronic Logging Device Mandate

The Electronic Logging Device mandate went into effect December 18, 2017 and has seen a less than ideal start.  The ELD mandate is a regulation that says US truckers and trucking companies must record driver's hours of service digitally and cease use of paper logs to track drivers' time behind the wheel. Shippers, who were [...]

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Higher Freight Costs Could Lead to a Raise in Interest Rates

The federal ELD mandate is adding to the already tight capacity market creating even more headaches for shippers. Big time corporations are seeing lost profits due to logistics and increased shipping expenses.  With the higher costs of freight, analysts fear a raise in interest rates could be on the horizon.  Couple the increased cost with [...]

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